According to a recent survey from PWC these are the steps you and your organisation should consider taking now, in order to prepare for the post pandemic world:

1. Increase IT Spend now

The clearest trend is a move toward cost containment. A PwC survey found that some 62 percent of organizations are taking coronavirus-related cost-containment measures.

Broadly, this is being affected by replacing the physical with the virtual e.g. video chat instead of business travel, meetings and conferences.

2. Re-train or hire IT security staff

Enterprise IT Security departments often suffer a skills gap, but now is not the time take attention away from closing that gap. With the working landscape changing and security becoming more of a challenge, businesses need to account for this by re-training, hiring or investing in 3rd party services.

3. Plan for permanent increases in work-from-home staff, including and especially in IT

Working from home looks set to stay as such, you need to understand what that means for your organisation and make the relevant investments in IT to ensure your users are supported and secure. This could range from communication investments, network upgrades to support a distributed work force or security solutions to secure them.

4. Build the capability to communicate centrally

During a crisis, and even in a post-crisis future where people are more decentralised, the need for central communication is greater than ever. Set up a cross-silo team to run the communication, which for now should be daily. Announce decisions, and detail how these decisions were arrived at and why.

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