Our IT managed services delivered from our Floodlight Digital Operations Centre help share the load and confidently provide additional resource to address business areas where there are skill gaps or critical areas that need additional expertise or capacity.

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IT Managed Services Driving Digital Vigilance.

Floodlight is a modern operations centre that looks across all the available technologies & data to help keep things running, provide visibility and to triage issues holistically to get back on track as soon as possible in the event of an issue.

Our Digital Operations Centre, which we’ve named ‘Floodlight’ is an all-encompassing hybrid between a modern Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that offers service-centric operational capabilities.

The world is becoming more and more digital. The reliance on IT departments to maintain business operations became very apparent in 2020 and this is only going to increase over time.

We provide a wide range of managed IT services nationwide, including:

Traditional IT Operations used to follow very particular service delivery models, setting out specific procedures for siloed technology and actively discouraging any variance from these. This compartmentalised approach isn’t good enough anymore; operations are now holistic, and distributed, providing an all-encompassing approach across technologies and systems to help assure the services being managed.

This approach requires an investment in time, technology and skilled workers to support it, which can be a substantial cost for most businesses. The time, money and challenge of doing this in-house is why businesses are looking to outsource elements of the IT to experts, almost in their entirety, but still maintain a necessary level of visibility.

If you’re looking to outsource your IT, our Floodlight Managed Services provide a cost-effective solution to access industry leading technology and expertise without having to make a large upfront investment. Our Consultancy team have specialist knowledge and our managed IT service adheres to compliance and security standards such as ISO , 9001, 14001, and 27001,

We specialise in providing enterprise grade technology capabilities to mid-market businesses and above.

We provide a wide range of managed IT solutions to different industries and sectors nationwide, including:

If your business is struggling to find solutions that keep up with the rate of change of the modern world, or are looking to implement services that provide operational efficiency and  cybersecurity peace of mind, then we are ready to support you. Why not fill out a contact form to kick off an initial discussion.Here’s what organisations and government bodies have to say about the tangible benefits they’ve realised from working with Net Consulting.

Innovation and automation are at the heart of what we do.

We have invested in market leading technology, highly skilled expertise and developed advanced systems to support our clients and their unique individual requirements.

We are able to support our clients in achieving detailed visibility and analytics into the performance of IT as a service, from end user to cloud to data centre. 

We help organisations automate time-consuming repetitive activities to provide faster, more consistent responses and increase operational efficiencies. When it comes to securing our clients, we take threat feeds from some of the most reputable sources in the world and use a dedicated security platform to detect, analyse and respond rapidly to malicious activity. Our security platform is constantly updated to check for new threat indicators as they are discovered around the globe.

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