The wireless market was stagnant for a number of years, and only recently has next-generation wireless technology enabled an upshift in capability.

Your decision to refresh a wireless system can be down to any number of factors, and these can vary across industry. Perhaps legacy technology isn’t performing well and impacting fee-earners in the legal sector though dropped or choppy voice call quality. Maybe you’re in the retail or hospitality sector and aren’t able to use your wi-fi to engage customers; meaning their interactive experience is inferior, compared to how it might be at one of your competitor’s sites. Or perhaps you work in healthcare and you’re looking to gain more capability from your wireless network to track assets or equipment and locate them quickly.

The point is, you need a solution that is tailored to your needs and provides you with the right capability to meet your organisation’s and your user’s requirements.

Wireless Refresh Drivers

  • Better performance
  • More capability
  • Replace legacy technology
  • Security concerns
  • Faster, more flexible configuration

User Engagement

In the modern world, good wireless is expected. Take wireless to the next level by using it as a tool to engage users and improve their experience.

Our wireless solution has the ability to send push notifications to promote relevant information or offers. It can even interact with digital signage to personalise a user’s experience when in close proximity using virtual beacon technology. It also has the ability to drive traffic to a landing page, social account or online destination of choice.

Wireless Assurance

When the productivity of your users (Especially fee earners) is reliant on a reliable, high performing wireless connection, down time is unacceptable.

With advanced analytics, dashboarding and the real-time root cause analysis of factors impacting the performance of your wireless, you can now ensure that service levels are maintained at an optimal level.

Asset tracking

When you have valuable assets that are mobile, you need to know where they are. This is especially important in organisations such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics etc.

Having the ability to locate and track Bluetooth tagged assets in real-time saves both time and money. It also helps with compliance.

Way Finding

Guiding visitors to a meeting room, fans to their seat, shoppers around a retail outlet or guests to a hospital room. All of this is possible with way finding technology.

Using location services against a floorplan, a user can navigate their way to a destination using maps and turn-by-turn instructions ,thanks to the customisable application.

Virtual Network Assistants (VNAs)

Constantly monitoring and reporting on the data output from your wireless network, VNAs spot issues often before they impact the user and turn management from reactive troubleshooting to proactive decision making.

Natural Language recognition reduces the time spent troubleshooting, dashboarding and on the general management of your network.


WPA3 will be the dominant standard for wireless security moving forward and it’s more secure than the currently dominant WPA2, bringing enhanced security and protections for enterprises and end users from client to cloud.

Increased productivity

Proactive monitoring of your wireless network, the different factors that impact signal quality and speed with immediate notification of any issues means you’re constantly on top of your wireless network, ensuring it is performing as you need it to.

Operational efficiency

When looking at how wireless is used throughout an organisation or site, you can see where operational efficiencies can be made. For example, are there bottle necks resulting in lost revenue? Are visitors dwelling at a certain location blocking access? Are employees spending too much of their time around the coffee machine and not working?

The other benefit is operational efficiency within your network. If there are issues impacting performance, they will be flagged up.

Marketing opportunities

Sending visitors promotional material, valuable information or ‘need to knows’ gives you another avenue to market your business.

The ability to re-direct traffic to landing pages, event sign ups and other lead capture mechanisms provide an opportunity to capture demand when it’s present.


Your brand is more than colours, logo, typography and a website. Your brand is also what people think of your business and that will largely be down to how they interact with your business. Having a wireless network that improves the user experience is a brilliant way to showcase the forward-thinking and innovative side of your brand, while increasing brand awareness.

Revenue generating opportunities

With the ability to advertise promotions, push event booking forms, and generally market your business, you are able to increase the revenue generating activity for your organisation.


When you buy a wireless solution, you want to know that it is going to stand the test of time and be equipped to handle the digital shift over the next 5 years. This is what you get when you invest in market leading wireless technology.

We believe a wireless solution should be built around a business’s unique requirements.

Some businesses need to ensure their users are engaged, some need to make sure they have a seamless experience, some need to have minimal manageability and some need to know where their assets are in real time. Some need the whole lot.

We use microservices to add capability to wireless solution, where and if you need it – A solution that is built around you.

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We offer managed service options that take away the management headache, provide actionable insight, ensure the solution remains fit for purpose and pushes the service levels up in real time.

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We can help you deploy a public cloud-based service to monitor your end-user digital experience. In addition to out-of-the-box applications, we can customise the solution to track specific application transactions for a more granular measure of critical staff activities.

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