VIP Threat Monitoring.

VIP Threat Monitoring.

Let’s face it, cyber criminals are usually after sensitive data, intellectual property or just cold, hard cash. Increasingly, they’re cutting out the intermediary steps and targeting the specific few people in the organisation who actually handle these high-value assets – your senior leaders.

By focussing their efforts on these people, Cyber criminals can enact a range of threats, including; data breaches, identity theft, phishing attempts, social engineering attacks, to name just a few. Any one of these can quickly lead to significant financial damage. 

Thankfully our specialised VIP Threat Monitoring service uses real-time threat detection and prevention, allowing you to apprehend these attacks before they even occur. It involves continuous monitoring of various online platforms, including the deep, dark, and open web, for intelligence that could be used to target these individuals.

With our service in place, you can improve the safety of the VIPs’ digital footprints, as well as the security of the organisation’s valuable information.

Your organisation is unique, and so are your security needs. We offer customised solutions that fit your specific requirements.

We continuously monitor the digital landscape for any potential threats targeting your VIPs. This includes phishing attempts, malware attacks, and social engineering attempts.

Our team works round the clock to ensure your VIPs’ safety, ensuring peace of mind for you and your organisation.

We don’t just wait for an attack to happen. Instead, we actively seek out possible threats and neutralise them before they can cause harm.

Make use of a huge database of indicators of compromise from multiple sources, including MISP.

You’ll receive comprehensive reports detailing all detected threats, actions taken, and recommendations for further enhancing your security posture.

Visualising your staff’s Digital Footprint

Powered by VIP Monitoring technology from our partner, DarkInvader, our service will map your staff’s digital footprint, including their social media and online identities. We monitor these platforms for threats like phishing or potential identity theft. Our geo-locational capabilities also alert you to unusual location-based activities. This service provides a robust defence for your team’s online presence, safeguarding your organisation’s valuable information.

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Organisations are at constant risk.

Corporate account takeover is a very real threat in the modern digital era. With VIP Threat Monitoring from NCL, you’ll gain the ability to track your VIPs and executives, highlighting threats directly to the individual on the cyber landscape.

Protect your key staff and protect your brand.



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