Critical Asset Protection.

Critical Asset Protection.

Hackers are after an organisation’s most valuable assets. If they’re able to get hold of these high-ticket items, they can hold them for ransom, sell them to the highest bidder, or gain advantage from the information themselves. What information, systems or projects are of most value to your company? Have you secured them appropriately?

When businesses face a cyber attack, they are normally either part of an automated cyber campaign, tasked with spanning as far and wide as possible for mass impact. However sometimes, the attack is targeted; aimed directly at your company to either exfiltrate vital information or cause disruption. 

In either scenario, access to your critical business assets is the goldmine for these attacks, whether that is intentionally or passively.


In the constant dual between cyber teams and cyber criminals, breaches occur. These range in size and impact, depending on how well prepared the organisation is for an attack. 

Securing your critical assets strengthens your cyber security posture and minimises the potential impact of a cyber breach in your organisation.

25% of UK businesses were targeted by cyber-criminals in 2019, with the most-at-risk group being large companies with at least 250 employees.

Cyber Security Study, undertaken by IPS Beaming

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solutions let you finally seize control of every aspect of your network. Centralised network management allows a business to standardise configurations, enforce security policy and utilise multiple connection types intelligently. Ultimately, this ensures WAN optimisation with secure network and application performance for users and their devices.

Special projects, merger and acquisition programmes, heads of development, senior executives, the list goes on. Your critical assets have unique requirements but one thing is clear, they need bespoke security.

Bespoke audits with detect and response capabilities ensure your most critical business assets and data has the optimum level of security.

When it comes to your intellectual property (IP) and critical data, you need complete, robust control.

Blocking data movement inside and egressing your organisation unless explicitly authorised is crucial to ensure its privacy. 

Having a log of everyone who has accessed or attempted to access your critical assets is a key part to any investigation. 

You should know exactly who has access and monitor the usage to these assets to ensure unauthorised entry isn’t being attempted.

Are your internal policies being followed? Do you meet your regulatory requirements? Are you sure? 

Meet compliance standards and regulations by providing all the data and information needed to underpin any legal, internal or forensic investigations. This insight moves with you, ensuring your policies evolve as your business develops and as the threat landscape changes.

Creating specific detect rules, based on your critical assets need’s heightens the security around the asset. This means you’ll be notified instantly of any suspicious behaviour.

Setting up pre-defined action depending on the type of activity detected reduces the response time and give optimal security to your assets.

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Relax knowing your critical assets are secure.

This service has the benefits of our Managed Endpoint Protection service but is enhanced with bespoke audit, detect and response capabilities ensuring your most critical business assets and data has the optimum level of security.

Fully managed, self-service and virtual SOC/co-managed operating models are available.

This service is an augmentation of Net Consulting’s Managed Endpoint Protection service combined with our security hardening expertise developed working with defence clients. This service is for users, data or systems that have a higher level of threat associated with them. For example: special projects, merger and acquisition programmes, heads of development, senior executives. Services may only be required for fixed periods of time and can be turned up or down on request.

  • Bespoke detect and response rules specific to your critical asset’s needs.
  • Provide comprehensive audit of movement of your critical data and information assets.
  • Block data movement inside and egressing your organisation unless explicitly authorised.
  • Delivered from UK – based ISO 27001:2013 certified Security Operations Centre
  • Security cleared staff
  • Event and incident data securely retained

Net Consulting has spent over 10 years protecting networks, applications and their users, ensuring they can work securely and safely.

We understand the changing threat landscape and stay at the forefront of cyber innovation to maintain a secure posture. We are here to help you.

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