Enabling NHS IT teams to provide medical staff with efficient, secure, and reliable IT services that underpin patient care.

nhs cyber security

The NHS’ reliance on IT systems and services to deliver patient care and improve diagnosis, treatment, and efficiency continues to grow rapidly. 

However, with limited public funding and a complex hybrid network built on legacy systems and an increasing number of medical devices, operational technology, and cloud systems – ensuring service delivery is difficult; especially in an efficient, secure, and reliable manner.

That’s where we help. 

Performance and security across the NHS.

Slow-to-load systems, non-responsive applications, lengthy computer updates and poor connections are frustrating in any business, but when somebody’s health is at stake, interruptions and delays can quite literally be a matter of life or death.

Hospitals, surgeries, and healthcare boards and trusts all rely on the seamless interplay of IT systems to ensure medical staff have the tools they need to deliver the best possible level of care for their patients. Being able to monitor the performance and ensure the security of these disparate applications is vital in maintaining that service.

Our powerful monitoring tools allow IT teams to not only observe the performance of all applications, but also proactively identify and resolve end-user issues.

Having worded closely across the NHS, we understand that time is precious. We also know that dealing with IT problems is the last thing healthcare professionals have time for, which is why we’re committed to making the lives easier and more efficient for everyone working in this time sensitive and IT reliant industry.

Gaining visibility into service challenges at the NHS is one thing, understanding and implementing automation and orchestration is key to driving efficiency. With staff shortages and under-funding, allowing technology to do the heavy lifting enables IT teams to drive strategy, rather than dampen out fires.

In regards to cyber security, patient records are a honeypot for potential hackers. We work with healthcare providers to implement market-leading security solutions and services, ensuring that all sensitive data is kept safe and secure far from prying eyes.

Case Studies.

  • nhs cyber security

    Digital Health and Care Wales.

    An open and collaborative risk-based approach, coupled with broad technical experience, helped Digital Health and Care Wales validate their cybersecurity best practice.

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