Your company is likely to be made up of thousands of digital assets – each one a potential ingress path for cybercrime if not secured correctly. Do you know how many you have in your organisation? How confident are you that they’re all secure? It’s important to protect your critical assets, because any uncertainty around this could expose your business to non-compliance and threats of cyberattacks.

it asset discovery

What is IT Asset Discovery?

IT asset discovery is the very first step to gaining a complete and comprehensive visibility of the assets within your network. It allows users to see connected entities and provides a snapshot of the complete hardware and software asset library for an organisation. However, keeping track of all IT assets can be challenging.

The majority of enterprises struggle to gain an accurate and complete view and protect their critical assets. It’s a mammoth task getting a firm grasp of everything from on-premises to remote, from physical devices to virtual machines and cloud, from managed to unmanaged Internet of Things (IoT) devices and industrial control systems (ICS/SCADA) and more.

Our IT Asset Discovery Service is here to help.

It’s a fast, agentless and low impact solution designed to give you visibility and insight across all connected assets, ultimately, empowering your organisation to protect their critical assets.

The tool integrates directly with your current infrastructure and can be up and running in just minutes, allowing you to:

  • Discover all your assets and other devices on your network
  • Identify gaps, vulnerable areas & risks
  • Enable automation & enforcement of security policies

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“A Cyber Team’s main tasks are to determine which information assets are priorities for protection, how likely it is that they will be attacked, and how to protect them.”

McKinsey & Co.

Your Challenges.

Uncertainty around the volume of digital assets, across your entire business.

Identifying IT assets is not easy task. Our fast, agentless and low impact solutionThe tool uses signature-based asset correlation to identify all devices on your networks, whether managed or unmanaged, known or unknown. This provides you with a true understanding of the scope of your estate and greater awareness of associated risks.

Difficulty in categorising digital assets.

Even if you have a decent understanding of what your business’ digital assets are, categorising and classifying them may not be as easy. This is important, as it allows you to understand their use and relative importance in terms of data sensitivity and their support of business processes.

Our IT Asset Discovery tool provides real time asset information and status to help you make sense of all your assets, depending on category. It also allows you to quickly search for devices, applications, locations, state and device interaction.

Concerns around the impact on sensitive devices.

Without proper IT asset discovery and management, organisations are faced with increasing use of unlicensed software, risk of security threats and data leads and failed compliance audits. Our solution is powerful, but also very delicate. What we mean by this is that it works on a passive detection basis, resulting in minimal impact on the network, and it won’t adversely affect sensitive or specialist equipment.

Can this service help your business?

Some say knowledge is power, and that’s certainly the case in cybersecurity. Armed with a complete understanding of what your digital assets are, the role they play in your network and what vulnerabilities that reveals, is an excellent first step towards a solid cyber defence and getting your critical assets protected. If you’re looking to take the initial steps in ratcheting up your information security resilience, IT Asset Discovery is a very good place to start.

Benefits of our IT Asset Discovery Service.

With constant flow of equipment and applications in and out of your organisation, it can be challenging having an accurate inventory. By having a comprehensive view of all digital assets within an organisation you can ensure an efficient cyber security programme and simplify the process of asset acquisition.

Helps identify vulnerabilities and risks, enabling proactive security measures by classifying critical assets and identifying security gaps and areas that require improvements.

Ensures compliance with regulations by tracking and managing assets.With a comprehensive understanding of your IT assets, you can better manage risks and policy enforcement. This proactive approach helps in preventing fines associated with unauthorised software and minimises the risk of a data breach.

Streamlines asset management, reducing operational costs and ensuring that your IT assets are always up-to-date. It also makes it easier to identify and remove non-critical assets from your organisation applications, so you can reduce costs by removing equipment that is no longer needed.

Risks can come in the form of using out-of-date software, data leaks, and hacks through installing vulnerable applications. Our IT Asset Discovery will help your organisation prevent cyberattacks by identifying and securing potential ingress points, highlighting who your potential attackers may be and what skills they have.



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