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Driving the digital transformation in local government.

In an era where technology drives progress, government organisations must prioritise cyber security to safeguard critical data and public trust. Net Consulting offers tailored IT solutions designed to fortify government bodies against ever-evolving cyber threats. With a focus on risk assessments, compliance support, and incident response services, our team ensures complete protection for your organisation.

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Net Consulting drives the digital transformation in local government, collaborating closely with councils and authorities across the UK. Through in-depth data management reviews and optimisation efforts, we empower them to embrace technology effectively, creating thriving communities. Our network engineering expertise ensures seamless strategies, supporting real-time applications, distributed workforces, and cloud computing. 

Our focus on cyber security ensures robust protection for public data, safeguarding against cyber threats and potential breaches across their IT networks.

Elections offer an opportunity for cybercriminals, and malicious actors to launch attacks that result in chaos and disorder and harm local councils. 

At Net Consulting, we offer local governments robust cybersecurity solutions built on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. With our comprehensive protection against cyber threats, we prioritise safeguarding critical data and maintaining public trust.

Each election cycle represents an opportunity for governments of all sizes to evaluate their capacity against cyber threats. Net Consulting offers a unique combination of threat intelligence, expert risk assessments and compliance support, helping local governments stay ahead of regulatory requirements. This proactive approach ensures be better informed, shielded and responsive to the latest cyber risks.

Our network engineering expertise enables local governments to have highly efficient and secure networks, perfectly supporting real-time applications. Our threat intelligence service helps identify cyber espionage, crimes impacting infrastructure and attacks on critical systems. We also offer round-the-clock monitoring for threats, vulnerabilities, and operational risks.

In case of a cyber incident, Net Consulting provides swift and effective incident response services against dark web activity. This minimises downtime, mitigates the impact of security breaches, and protects sensitive information, ensuring public trust in the government’s ability to protect and serve the community.

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