At NCL, we specialise in maintaining cutting-edge network efficiency and security for schools and universities across the UK.

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Wee believe in the significant role that schools and universities play in shaping the minds of the next generation, but we also understand the unique IT challenges that educational institutions face. This is why we use our fast applications, intuitive IT systems, and market-leading cyber security measures to ensure that students, lecturers, and staff can continue teaching and learning.

We appreciate higher education institutions are constantly striving to have the competitive edge, but are fighting a mass of challenges to do so. These difficulties include supporting 30,000+ students wherever they are located, ensuring the performance of their services and resources are supporting their staff and students rather than inhibiting them, driving innovation and research, all while maintaining robust security.

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IT Solutions for Education.

Net Consulting Limited (NCL) guarantees that educational institutions maintain speed and security across campus through intuitive IT solutions and market leading cyber security. With expertise in network efficiency and cybersecurity, NCL utilises advanced monitoring tools to proactively address performance issues. They collaborate closely with IT departments to implement industry-leading security measures, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance.

NCL’s IT solutions for education ensure a seamless and secure digital experience for students, lecturers, and staff. We are accustomed to working with the complex IT networks that power schools, universities and research facilities, and we help to ensure the seamless interplay of the systems to ensure the best possible experience for students, researchers and staff. Our powerful monitoring tools allow IT teams to not only observe the performance of all applications but also proactively identity and resolve end-user issues.

  • cyber security education

    Sheffield Hallam University.

    See how we helped Sheffield Hallam University relocate their application services from their campus environment to a Shared Services data centre.

Our Complete Service Offering.

We specialise in addressing the unique IT challenges faced by educational institutions and understand your specific needs and requirements. We work closely with your IT department to implement advanced security measures. This protects sensitive data while minimising the risk of breaches without sacrificing peak efficiency. Our proactive approach and commitment to smooth operations will give you peace of mind, knowing that your institution and stakeholders are well-protected.

Our expertise in Digital Experience Management ensures that your students, educators and staff benefit from seamless and efficient digital interactions, resulting in an enhanced overall experience. We utilise advanced monitoring tools to proactively identify and resolve any issues, ensuring optimal performance across various digital platforms.

We excel at bespoke service management solutions for educational institutions, with expertise in managing complex IT networks. With proactive monitoring and support, NCL ensures smooth operations and minimal disruptions across the whole lifecycle of a service, from the original strategy, through design, transition and into live operation.

With experience in managing complex networks, NCL ensures seamless integration and optimised network performance. We provide proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and support for smooth operations.

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