Our Device Observability service comes as both an ‘Activate and ‘Managed’ offering. This end user experience monitoring solution provides a comprehensive perspective on the health and performance of your end user devices.

end user experience monitoring

Maximising Your End User Experience Monitoring.

We assist customers by promptly identifying the devices with the poorest performance and non-compliance, enabling a more efficient allocation of service desk resources. Moreover, this end user experience monitoring service will support customers to identify devices that may be eligible for replacement during a tech refresh while also highlighting older, yet still capable devices which could be retained. 

Our team of experts will investigate root-cause analysis for device specific incidents or problems to ensure your estate is compliant and your devices are optimised to enable greater staff productivity. 


Service Architecture.

The Device Observability service is based on the following end user experience monitoring components: 

  • Agent software installed on end user devices
  • SaaS collection and dashboard viewing platform


Use Cases and Value.

Identify the worst performing devices in your environment to prioritise remediation resources more effectively.

Objectively provide evidence for compliance to ensure standard device builds and identify unauthorised software or security vulnerabilities.

Identify devices to be replaced for a tech refresh project and reduce CapEx spend by retaining older devices that still perform well.

Objectively quantify the impact of poor application performance to indicate staff time being lost due to inefficient IT.

Objectively track device power consumption for ISO14001 compliance and drive energy cost savings.


What’s Included? Activate vs Managed.


Optional Add-ons. 

  • Validate the impact of IT changes 
  • Support Problem Case investigation and resolution 
  • Cost saving analysis for unused licenses and prioritised tech refresh 
  • Agent software updates 
  • Customised monitoring of additional applications  
  • Customised dashboard creation to provide tailored visualisations to meet evolving requirements  
  • Custom asset list and installed application information for compliance purposes 
  • Integrate data into centralised visualisation tools 
  • Apply remediation scripts to allow remote fixes from the tooling 
  • Service Desk Integration 


Speak with one of the team.

We can help you deploy a DEM service to monitor your end user experience. In addition to out-of-the-box applications, we can customise the solution to track specific application transactions for a more granular measure of critical staff activities.

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