Managed Endpoint Protection & Response (EDR).

Managed Endpoint Protection & Response (EDR).

The world is becoming increasingly dispersed. Digitalisation has allowed remote working to become a ‘new normal’ and with it a change in the threat landscape.

The boundaries of your IT estate are no longer within your office premises, your workforce is mobile, remote and distributed. They are no longer behind your traditional office based security systems, so they still need to be protected.

Endpoints have grown in number and geographical spread, resulting in the attack surface of an organisation growing as well. Endpoints are the vulnerable extremities of any business network. These laptops, phones and devices sit delicately in the hands of the user, subject to the sharp end of human error. In order to fully protect the network, these exposed entry points for attack need to be shielded in the most robust way possible.

Cyber criminals frequently target poorly protected endpoints as a means of gaining access to a company’s IT network. It only has to happen once, but when in, the attack become viral, seizing control of the entire network and causing potentially untold damage to a business, its network and not to mention, its reputation.

“A major implication of this new way of working has therefore been a substantial rise in the number of devices and endpoints, offering numerous pathways into organisations’ systems.” 

InfoSec Mag

The longer it takes to detect a breach, the higher the repair cost. Full visibility, analysing data from multiple sources across your network and correlating suspicious behaviour with global threat intelligence feeds is the best way to detect threats early on. 

Detection is one thing, but the time-lapse between detection and response is a huge factor in impact and cost. Adding automation in your security systems allows you to create pre-defined actions depending on the type of activity detected.

Running a suitable cybersecurity operation in-house involves significant investment. Although this is what is required for many organisations, the costs pile up and become unviable, leaving businesses at risk.

Are your internal policies being followed? Do you meet your regulatory requirements? Are you sure? Meet compliance standards and regulations by providing all the data and information needed to underpin any legal, internal or forensic investigations.

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Remote users are no longer rogues.

Remote working is here to stay, and most companies won’t be going back to the old ‘normal.’ The new normal is a changed landscape where employees are no longer always accessing data or applications from a secure office environment.

This means cybersecurity postures need to change to adapt to the new landscape, these users are no longer protected by your office firewall and relying on AntiVirus alone will leave you vulnerable. Top of the list – Secure the Endpoint.

You may be an organisation who has a distributed workforce, spread out across multiple sites, using multiple devices. You may also rely on a host of internet connected devices and equipment just to get product out of the door. In any case, these endpoints act as a potential route in to your network for hackers and other threat actors

Unless your roadmap is to invest in creating a 24/7 in-house cyber security team and SOC, then it’s worth us having a conversation about how we can help ensure your endpoints are locked up as tightly as possible and safe from surreptitious activity.

Endpoint Protection & Response from Net Consulting is the best way of levelling up your defences against the myriad of cyber threats which bombard public and private sector companies.

Powered by Palo Alto’s leading Cortex cybersecurity solution and delivered by our UK-based team of analysts from our own dedicated SOC, our Endpoint Protection and Response service puts your cybersecurity in the hands of a dedicated, experienced team, while still ensuring your data never leaves UK soil.

To put is simply, we ensure you sleep well, safe in the knowledge your cyber defences are in good hands.

Net Consulting has spent over 10 years protecting networks, applications and their users, ensuring they can work securely and safely.

We understand the changing threat landscape and stay at the forefront of cyber innovation to maintain a secure posture. We are here to help you.

Do you have detailed or more general questions about how Critical Asset Protection could improve your specific business needs?

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