Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment.

Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment.

Of all the risks facing your organisation, Cyber Risk is perhaps the most pervasive and potentially damaging. The threat of attack is growing every day as more and more hackers try to steal data and disrupt business. How vulnerable are you? Do you have security measures in place? How effective are they, and how can you be sure?

Any company has the potential to be attacked, but organisations who hold valuable or sensitive data are highly attractive for hackers. These criminals are intent on stealing, damaging or destroying data by gaining unauthorised access to your network. There’s also the other side to the risk coin, which is insider threat. Whether it be intentional or not, damage caused by employees breaching security measures is yet another cause for concern.

So, how do you get on top of this? It all starts with being able to answer these three questions:

  1. Where are my assets? 
  2. How vulnerable are they? 
  3. How can I make them more secure? 

The best way of confidently answering these questions is by carrying out a Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment through a proven framework to deliver actionable intelligence which helps you manage this risk.

“In 2020, a company was hit with a ransomware attack every 11 seconds.


Difficulty in identifying digital assets, and how critical they are to your business.

You can’t protect what you can’t see and if you’re struggling to identify all your digital assets, you may be leaving stones unturned. A Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment can help you catalogue your digital assets, importance and inter-dependencies. Once that’s done, our team can then help you confirm which assets are the most critical to your business.

Uncertainty around the vulnerability and business risks associated with digital assets.

Even if you have a good grasp of what your business’ digital assets are, it may not always be obvious where the weaknesses lie. Through our Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment, specialist expertise is combined with next generation technology to provide a consolidated view of all your digital assets, risks and threats. From this, the service will deliver meaningful information detailing known non-compliances and vulnerabilities. This intelligence is then supported with comprehensive rectification plans. 

Difficulty in prioritising action plans or carrying out remediation effectively.

By aligning the assessment towards your compliance regime (regulatory, industry or HMG specific security standards, guidance and policies), the service provides you with a structured roadmap of prioritised actions. This helps you manage cost by prioritising corrective actions to greatest value.


Discovery agents are deployed at key points on your network/s (internal, cloud and hybrid) to identify.


Metadata on assets is processed and automatically analysed within our secure cloud and presented to our experts for validation and investigation.


Our experts work with your staff to confirm asset classifications, criticalities and relative vulnerabilities before determining suitable remediation actions and priority. The output is provided in an easy to digest report with a recommended roadmap schedule for improvement we provide you with the detail to address your compliance and vulnerability concerns.

If you need a better understanding of all the digital assets that make up your IT estate, as well as how vulnerable they potentially are, then a compliance and vulnerability assessment is a very sensible thing to do. It’s virtually impossible for most in-house teams to stay abreast of all digital assets within a company, not to mention their threat level too. By employing a team of experts, armed with market leading technology to help with this, you can be confident that your business is focussed on minimising the risks of ingress or miss-use through vulnerable digital assets.



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This service has the benefits of our Managed Endpoint Protection service but is enhanced with bespoke audit, detect and response capabilities ensuring your most critical business assets and data has the ptimum level of security.

Our security consultants will identify and help to implement secure device configurations for users and data. Activities include:

  • Verification of security hardening of user endpoint devices.
  • Enhanced white-listing of applications and services based on user profile/geo-location.
  • Heightened policy enforcement.
  • Drive encryption enforcement/validation.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Custom audit, detect and response rules.

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