Supporting Social Care Wales’ vision of professionalising the care workforce, guiding the development of their digital strategy through a clear and flexible roadmap, and improving services through effective IT solutions.

Social Care Wales’ vision is simple – to make a positive difference to care and support in Wales for children, adults, and their families, such that, every person who needs support, can live the life that matters most to them. Simple it may be, but the delivery of this work is far from straight forward.

Fundamentally, Social Care Wales aims to achieve their goals by leading the professionalisation of the care workforce. This will be done by maintaining a register of over 60,000 care worker setting standards for those workers, investigating complaints made against them, providing confidence, protecting the public, and providing sector leadership by:

  • Developing the workforce so they have the knowledge and skills to protect, empower and support those who need help.
  • Working with others to improve services for areas agreed as a national priority.
  • Sharing good practice with the workforce so they can provide the best response.
  • Setting priorities for research to get evidence of what works well.
  • Providing information for the public and other organisations.

As an organisation, Social Care Wales are committed to being a truly bilingual organisation, valuing diversity and improving opportunities for all. A big focus of theirs is cantered on publishing and accessing information and striving for their own continuous improvement.

I.T. plays a crucial role in the successful delivery of many of these objectives. The organisation has set out an ambitious vision for their digital services, however lacked the in-house expertise and knowledge to translate this into a detailed roadmap. They recognised that what they needed was a specialist who could help by analysing current infrastructure, advise on improvements where necessary, and guide them through the development enhancement of their I.T. estate to deliver the digital strategy.

This kind of close consultative work is very much NCL’s area of expertise. We were able to come in and work very closely with Social Care Wales in supporting the digital system requirements and helping to develop the architecture to meet the needs of the organisation’s digital strategy.

NCL’s Digital Architect was initially required to work closely with Social Care Wales stakeholders across multiple departments to ensure that the digital architecture allowed them to meet the needs of both their business and digital strategy. As the digital architecture matured into an integrated digital system model, supporting governance structures were outlined, so that the digital architecture could be governed as a single entity by Social Care Wales’s digital team.

NCL presented a set of work packages essential for advancing the implementation of the digital strategy and its underlying architecture. These tasks encompassed providing efficient and timely technical support to inform strategic decisions regarding standards, system functionality, and integrations. The aim was to support various critical projects in the design and development of systems spanning data, web, desktop, voice, and CRM development and integration.

Finally, we helped to lead and advise on the future digital procurement from developing the contract specifications, right through to supporting with the down-selection of potential support partners to establish the best route to market.

Our partnership with Social Care Wales essentially involved developing the work that was already in place, aligning technology sets, and standardising the discreet components into cohesive integrated digital architecture.

This has now given Social Care Wales a clear roadmap to realising their digital architecture – a roadmap that’s flexible and able to adapt to emerging and evolving requirements.

NCL has helped us onto the next phase of our digital journey. They were responsive and agile, advising on emerging issues, communicating complex subject matters to a wide user audience, all while fulfilling the brief of technical advisor and critical friend. They effectively steered us through to our strategic milestones.

Andrew Lycett
Director of Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services