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Alan Lavis

Head of Architecture and Design

Alan Lavis is the Head of Architecture and Design at Net Consulting, Specialising in Service Management within the Defence Sector.

Alan began his IT career as a Network and Security Engineer at CGI (Formerly CGI) supporting customers across all business Sectors. He joined Net Consulting as an APM and Network Capacity Planning Consultant where he quickly became a SME in deployed Operational Networks. Alan actively supported the Task Force Helmand drawn decision process by modelling the impact of proposed changes.

Working closely with the Operate and Defend pillars, Alan was eventually selected as the ‘Defensive Cyber Operations Lead’ for the Coalition during the US-lead 5 eyes Cyber warfare games. These successes led to Alan architecting the UK’s first Cyber Warfare Range for Defensive Cyber Operations.

Alan is currently supporting the MOD’s Independent Service Management capability across the Enterprise.