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SD-WAN Solutions – Secure, Reliable, Cost-Efficient

Drive digital transformation in your business with our best-in-class SD-WAN services. Complete control across your entire network.

What Problems Does SD-WAN Solve?

Traditional enterprise networking was not built for modern business operations. For a long time, traditional WAN architecture has been complex and static, relying on manual intervention for configuration and not designed for Cloud operation. A rapid increase in remote working and mobile application usage compounds the pressure, not only growing the size of the problem but also the number of connections to secure.

The result?

Network outages and poor performance which is ultimately expensive to manage.

What Is SD-WAN Technology?

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solutions let you finally seize control of every aspect of your network. Centralised network management allows a business to standardise configurations, enforce security policy and utilise multiple connection types intelligently. Ultimately, this ensures WAN optimisation with secure network and application performance for users and their devices.

SD-WAN Benefits

Increased application performance to users
Increased application performance to users
  • Real-time visibility
  • A single fabric that connects on-premises, branch and cloud
  • Intelligent application control
  • Ensure 1000's of On-premise or Cloud applications get the best possible performance in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Automated programming allows for numerous functions to be performed
  • Mitigate manual error-prone device configurations
  • Reduce downtime
Improved security & resiliency
Improved security & resiliency
  • Security that's built-in from the beginning rather than being an afterthought
  • Enforce standardisation across the WAN
  • Mitigating misconfiguration vulnerabilities.
  • Resilience against outages through diversified WAN connectivity.
Agile, flexible & scalable
Agile, flexible & scalable
  • No technical expertise required at the branch office or manual intervention to change configurations thanks to a centralised software-defined control of the network.
  • With no more CLI, it's easy to translate business intent into a network configuration, setting up new sites and changing architecture without delay.
Cost saving
Cost saving
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Decrease reliance on MPLS links through encrypted internet links
  • Reduce the total cost of WAN ownership.

Can SD-WAN Solutions Help Your Business?

Are you facing challenges managing your network? Are you struggling to plan or execute a cloud migration strategy? Then yes - SD-WAN edge solutions could transform your business.

If your business is experiencing the side effects of over complexity and minimal visibility, such as poor performance and user experience? Is making network changes a time-consuming process? If so, then secure SD-WAN solutions could be the answer for you.

A software defined WAN is the solution that meets the agile requirements of modern-day working. It provides IT services as a flexible, efficient and secure resource.

How Does SD-WAN Work?

An SD-WAN platform uses software to virtualise WAN architecture, decoupling network device management and control functions away from the underlying data layer, providing centralised management of networking and security in a unified business internet software-driven fabric. SD-WAN instantly convergences traffic over multiple WAN carrier types. This ensures superior availability, improved application performance and service reliability.

Example SD-WAN Architecture


Digital Transformation, for all of it's benefits, has also exponentially increased the complexity that an IT organisation needs to manage. As a result, legacy WAN networks have continued to become more complex, less agile, and overall have struggled to keep up with the pace of demands from today's digital business

SD-WAN compared to legacy WAN - comparison table image


Although MPLS network links can be managed within a software defined WAN architecture, SD-WAN can offer a less expensive, more secure, and higher performing option.


  • Deep Network visibility
  • Intelligent Application Routing
  • Cost efficient*
  • Embedded security such as vNGFW, AutoVPN and segmentation
  • Direct cloud access
  • Single click connectivity & resource allocation


  • No analysis of data
  • No application recognition or bandwidth management
  • Cost inefficient**
  • Dedicated line, traffic is backhauled for inspection
  • Backhauled to data centre then to cloud.
  • MPLS Can have several week delay to add capacity

* providing optimised, multi-point connectivity using distributed, private data traffic exchange and control points.
** Distributed locations are connected to a central data centre using a hub and spoke topology. In this model, all WAN traffic, dataflows and network transactions are routed and distributed centrally. In practice, this is highly inefficient and costly compared to an SD-WAN solution. Transactions, including access to cloud services or the internet, required traffic to be backhauled to the data centre for processing and redistribution.

As a result, this technology can provide a

6x return on investment over 5 years.

This operational efficiency and ROI can be increased when you begin to manage wireless networks from the same central hub.

Use Case Example

One key benefit from SD-WAN is its overall lower total cost of ownership.

Implementing an SD-WAN solution allows you to benefit from:

  • No need for technical expertise to set up remote sites

  • Troubleshooting is no longer a time-consuming process

  • Mitigate the need for manual intervention with changes

  • Less reliance on MPLS due to leveraging cheaper internet links

Uncertain which solution is best for your business?

IT managers identify complexity and slow performance of both on-prem and cloud-based applications as their biggest concerns. Complexity replaces cost as the #1 concern.

State of the WAN Report (2020)

Net Consulting SD-Wan Services

Self Service

We can help you deploy a public cloud-based SD-WAN solution to administer, configure, and manage your Hybrid WAN Network (Data centre, On-Premises and Cloud). In addition to SD WAN deployment, we will help with the general roll-out and configuration to best meet your needs and overall business requirements.

  • Route application traffic in the most efficient, performant & cost-effective manner
  • Speed up migration to cloud services with single click connectivity to the cloud from your network
  • No more CLIs! Easily translate business intent into network configuration
  • No more troubleshooting misconfiguration, build policies that adhere to standards and business intent
  • Build once, standardise, deploy multiple times with confidence • Networks made simple: Plug and play!

Managed Service

As a trusted and experienced SD-WAN service provider, our specialist team can help you design and efficiently deploy a managed SD-WAN solution into your business. Following deployment, they will then manage and monitor everything for you. This allows you to free up your own IT team to focus on other matters, safe in the knowledge that your new cost-effective, highly available, secure, performant & resilient network is in good hands.

  • Initial solution implementation, including the set-up of sites, policies, and application priorities
  • Proactive monitoring of the network to continually fine-tune its operation
  • Clearly defined process to ensure seamless deployment and fast value realisation
  • Monthly reporting on network performance
  • Ongoing advice, optimisation and maintenance of the solution for undisturbed business

Specialist Consultancy

Net Consulting has spent almost two decades optimising networking and application services, ensuring they replicate business intent. They meet the demands of users and maintain a secure posture. We are here to help you.

Without favouring any specific SD-WAN vendor, Net Consulting are able to understand your unique company requirements. We can suggest SD-WAN solutions that are tailor-made for your needs, and provide an optimal service to your users.

Do you have detailed or more general questions about how SD-WAN could improve your specific business needs? Why not get in touch for an expert, no-obligation consultancy call back to discuss your future network goals, current network architecture and where improvements may be needed.

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  • If SD-WAN benefits are for you and a good fit for your business

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