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A WAN that’s cost-effective, highly available, secure, performant and resilient

Companies are using Digital Transformation to strive for a more agile and streamlined business experience. Make sure that your network can adapt to facilitate that experience.

Fully-Managed or Self-Service SD-WAN

Digital Experience is at the core of every businesses’ transformation efforts. Meeting business intent is the new driver, and traditional networks and configuration methods are struggling to keep pace with the change. You need a WAN that’s cost-effective, highly available, secure, performant & resilient, and managing those elements separately is going to be a very difficult, time-consuming task. Choose from one of our three service options below and see how your business could benefit from either a fully-managed or self-service SD-WAN.

Self-Service SD-WAN

With Digital Experience at the core of every organisation's strategic initiatives, oftentimes networks have been left behind. Traditional network architecture has, for a long time, been complex and static, relying on complicated configuration and physical hardware to be installed at branch sites, with no way of centrally managing it. All of this makes a network complicated, exceedingly time-consuming and costly to manage.

The emergence of SD-WAN seeks to simplify the deployment of WAN architecture so that it's aligned to business-intent, is cost effective, and delivers performance and resiliency that far outweighs architecture of yesteryear.

Self-Service Benefits

  • Route application traffic in the most efficient, performant & cost-effective manner
  • Speed up migration to cloud services with single click connectivity to the cloud from your network
  • No more CLIs! Easily translate business intent into network configuration
  • No more troubleshooting misconfiguration, build policies that adhere to standards and business intent
  • Build once, standardise, deploy multiple times with confidence
  • Networks made simple: Plug and play!

We can help you deploy a public cloud-based service to administer, configure, and manage your Hybrid Network. In addition to deployment, we will help with the general roll-out and configuration of the solution to best meet your needs, and the overall business requirements.

Fully-Managed SD-WAN

Through our fully-managed Hybrid Network Services, you can hand the burden of running your network over to our dedicated NOC team.

Our specialists can help you design and deploy an SD-WAN solution, following which they'll monitor and manage everything for you. This allows you to free up your own IT team to focus on other matters, safe in the knowledge that your new; cost effective, highly available, secure, performant & resilient network is in good hands.

Benefits of our fully managed service

  • Initial solution implementation, including set-up of sites, policies, & application priority
  • Proactive monitoring of network to continually fine tune its operation
  • Clearly defined process to ensure seamless deployment and fast value realisation
  • Monthly reporting on network performance
  • Ongoing advisory, optimisation and maintenance of the solution for undisturbed business

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Specialist Consultancy SD-WAN

What is this?

In the flexible form of one-time or recurring:


  • Advise on how the solution can provide broader value to your organisation
  • Optimization: taking the advisory output and making it a reality by rolling it out across your network

This is oftentimes consumed following on from a self-service, or an indirect SD-WAN agreement.

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