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Cutting edge IT to support premium care and wellbeing

Be the care provider of choice, underpinned by industry leading IT optimisation and state of the art cyber security solutions

Optimum care provision through state-of-the-art IT solutions

Like any business, the success of a private healthcare company is underpinned by the efficiency and reliability of their IT network. In an industry where trust and credibility is paramount, we ensure all sensitive patient data is kept safe and secure, protected by industry leading cyber security solutions.

Slow-to-load systems, non-responsive applications, lengthy computer updates and poor connections are frustrating in any business, but when a patient's health is at stake, interruptions and delays like this can seriously impact the quality of care.

Private healthcare is an industry based on trust and credibility. Companies in this sector rely on robust IT systems to ensure the best possible level of care for their patients, and having the very best cyber security defences in place, is paramount.

Having worked closely across the public sector, we understand that time is precious, especially in healthcare. We also know that dealing with IT problems is the last thing private healthcare professionals have time for, which is why we’re committed to making the lives easier and more efficient for everyone working in this time-short and IT reliant industry.

Our powerful monitoring tools allows IT teams to not only observe the performance of all applications, but also proactively identify and resolve end-user issues. 

When we work with a private healthcare provider’s IT team, they can be confident that their broader workforce will remain up-and-running at all time and focussed on patient care, safe in the knowledge that their applications are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

In regard to security, patient records are a honeypot for potential hackers. We work closely with private healthcare providers and implement market-leading security solutions and services to ensure that all sensitive data is kept safe and secure and far from prying eyes.

What our clients say

Digital Health and Care Wales had a good understanding of what the cyber security challenges were, they just needed some independent validation and assistance in how to approach them pragmatically. This is where our team stepped in.

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The MoD’s Data Centre Rationalisation (DCR) Project is designed to move the current defence data centre infrastructure to a more resilient state. This involves a two-pronged attack – one physical and one virtual; which is where Net Consulting came in to help.

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"Net Consulting was chosen as an Application Performance Monitoring and Network Capacity Planning specialist company."

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