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Driving the digital transformation in local government 

Helping councils and local authorities embrace the opportunity technology offers to create thriving communities and public places

Revolutionising how councils engage with the public and embrace a digital transformation

‘The Local State We're In’ survey from PWC this year showed that austerity is still putting councils under a lot pressure.

"With short term concerns about financial viability too often overriding their ambitions to support inclusive growth, embrace the opportunity technology offers, and create thriving communities and places."

‘The Local State We're In’ - PWC

We work closely with councils and local authorities across the UK  to revolutionise how they engage with the public and embrace a digital transformation.

This often involves in-depth reviews of how and where the councils manage data. With more and more moving to the cloud and utilising SaaS applications, extensive work is being carried out to optimise how they collaborate to drive the change needed to meet the challenges of the next decade.

The foundation of all of this is the network; and the way it is engineered will either impede or accelerate these strategies - especially as the dependence on real time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing is ever growing.

Running alongside these network optimisation strategies is also a focus on cyber security. Even the fastest and most efficient network is useless if the public's data is accessible for hackers to steal. This is why we also work with local government to ensure the very best cyber security solutions are deployed across their IT networks.

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"Net Consulting was chosen as an Application Performance Monitoring and Network Capacity Planning specialist company."

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“Unless you’re prepared to run a 24/7 security operation in-house, you’re never going to match what BlueArmour ATD offers."

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“We needed to understand whether our applications could operate from a shared services datacentre. Net Consulting were able to give us the answers”

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