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If time is money, then don't let your IT infrastructure hold you up

We work closely with organisations in the financial sector to operate as swiftly and securely as possible. Through our range of IT service capabilities, we help ensure these fast-paced businesses operate at maximum speed and resilience.

Services that maintain speed and security

It's all well and good working at pace, but if there isn't a robust level of security supporting your network, data becomes a prime target. Conversely, your data maybe safely locked away, but if your network is sluggish, colleagues and customers alike will quickly become frustrated. Thankfully, through our range of security and performance services, we've got both areas covered. 

When money’s at risk, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The traditional image of a bank heist storming a building and running out with bags of cash is now a thing of the past. Today’s bank robbers are sitting behind a computer and their methods of breach become more and more sophisticated each day. For this reason, we work very closely with banks and other financial institutions to ensure that their networks and IT infrastructure are guarded by the most robust and impenetrable cyber defences around. Not only this, we also dig deep to scan their networks to identify any potential weak spots or entry points. For those financial customers who work with us on a managed service agreement, this continuous surveillance and maintenance of their defences is a day-to-day service, offering peace of mind that their most valuable assets are kept safe and secure.

Our work in this sector extends beyond Cyber Security. We know that for these customers, time really is money. If business applications aren’t working or the network is running slowly, it can mean the loss of significant sums of money. Our performance services also ensure that customers in the financial sector keep running to maximum efficiency and when any IT issues do arise, they’re immediately identified and swiftly dealt with.

What our clients say

Digital Health and Care Wales had a good understanding of what the cyber security challenges were, they just needed some independent validation and assistance in how to approach them pragmatically. This is where our team stepped in.

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The MoD’s Data Centre Rationalisation (DCR) Project is designed to move the current defence data centre infrastructure to a more resilient state. This involves a two-pronged attack – one physical and one virtual; which is where Net Consulting came in to help.

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"Net Consulting was chosen as an Application Performance Monitoring and Network Capacity Planning specialist company."

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