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Supporting the next generation with robust IT, fast applications and a secure network

We have a solid track record in helping schools and universities deploy cutting-edge IT solutions, geared towards making their systems run smoothly and efficiently across the whole campus. We also help education establishments protect their data with market leading cyber security solutions. 

Maintaining speed and security across the campus

Working with schools and universities to maintain cutting-edge network efficiency and security; so that students, lecturers and staff all benefit from fast applications, intuitive IT solutions and market-leading cyber security.

We understand that when compared to other enterprises, schools and universities are unique in many ways. They have their own set of IT challenges, and we have extensive experience in overcoming those. The importance of their role in shaping the minds of the next generation should not be underestimated and they require the very latest in network performance and security to help deliver the great leaders and innovators of tomorrow. This is where we step in.

We are accustomed to working with the complex IT networks that power schools, universities and research facilities, and we help to ensure the seamless interplay of the systems to ensure the best possible experience for students, researchers and staff. Our powerful monitoring tools allow IT teams to not only observe the performance of all applications, but also proactively identify and resolve end-user issues. 

Both our self service and managed service offerings provide deep visibility across the network to ensure that everything is running quickly, smoothly and perhaps most importantly, securely.

Data breaches at school and universities are a common occurrence, and are quick to make the headlines. Student records are a top prize for potential hackers. We work closely with IT departments to implement market leading security solutions and services to ensure that all sensitive data is kept safe and secure and far from prying eyes.


Head of IT

Sheffield Hallam University

“We needed to understand whether our applications could operate from a shared services datacentre. Net Consulting were able to give us the answers."

Education Case Study

Take a closer look at some of the work we've done with schools and universities.

Sheffield Hallam University case study

See how we helped Sheffield Hallam University relocate their application services from their campus environment to a Shared Services datacentre.

What our clients say

Digital Health and Care Wales had a good understanding of what the cyber security challenges were, they just needed some independent validation and assistance in how to approach them pragmatically. This is where our team stepped in.

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The MoD’s Data Centre Rationalisation (DCR) Project is designed to move the current defence data centre infrastructure to a more resilient state. This involves a two-pronged attack – one physical and one virtual; which is where Net Consulting came in to help.

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"Net Consulting was chosen as an Application Performance Monitoring and Network Capacity Planning specialist company."

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