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We’ll help you stay ahead of the constantly evolving sophistication of cyber attacks

Your IT infrastructure is evolving to accommodate digital transformation and new ways of working. With cyber criminals now tending to hide attacks within legitimate operations like Twitter and seemingly innocuous internet-connected office equipment, we’re helping organisations stay one step ahead of the constantly evolving sophistication of cyber attacks.

Protect your entire network with a security platform that evolves with you.

Advanced Cyber Security Threat Services Improved security that evolves with you

Your IT services are transforming to meet changing business needs, while your staff are working from a wider variety of locations than ever. The protected borders are expanding from the office out to the end-user and multiple cloud platforms. Each expansion opens up more routes for attack, and those attacks are becoming increasingly subtle and complex.  Cyber security threat detection and response solutions also have to transform to remain effective, but implementing more and more tactical point-solutions leaves less time to effectively investigate potential threats.

Our specialist team continually adapts Palo Alto’s AI-driven Cortex security platform to detect, validate and block abnormal behaviours across your end-user, network and cloud security sources.  Whatever your starting point, we can help you grow your cyber capability to protect your transforming infrastructure capability.

Underlying Technology from Palo Alto Cortex

The Cortex platform receives security-related telemetry data from Palo Alto endpoint and cloud protection tools as well as their firewalls to provide comprehensive coverage of your hybrid infrastructure.  (Certain 3rd party vendor firewalls, such as Cisco, are also supported.) 

Even if you don’t have any compatible systems in place, we can start from a passive monitoring base and expand to a system that can isolate a detected threat.

The telemetry data is collected in the Cortex data lake where an AI-driven system continually baselines the normal operation of your users and applications, detecting when something suspicious and out of the ordinary occurs. The event data is automatically compared against a constantly updated global database of known threats to determine its severity.


For a fully-managed service, our analysts investigate a suspicious event, using the Cortex capabilities to determine the timing and chain of events of any breach, informing you as soon as it’s discovered.  We can then respond to isolate an affected individual or block the source of the attack across all users/offices.

Our analysts constantly check emerging threats and create matching discovery and behavioural identification rules within the Cortex platform to keep protection up to date.  As they get to know your company’s normal data patterns, they can reduce false alerts even further and even focus on specific areas of interest as requested.

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Threat Detection Platform Deployment

Take the next step in providing advanced security for your hybrid infrastructure.  Net Consulting can help get your own Cortex instance set up, and configure your supported tools to send telemetry to the data lake.

If you have no tooling in place that is compatible with Cortex, we can implement a passive firewall monitoring solution to provide telemetry until you decide that the time is right to deploy an active in-line version. Similarly, we can implement passive end-point monitoring to provide telemetry on security-related end-user activities, and enable active protection at a later date.

Finally, we can implement protection to provide telemetry on the various cloud platforms and hosted applications that you use. Your analysts can then start investigating the integrated & correlated security information available.

Threat Detection Platform Deployment Benefits

  • Regain clarity and understanding of the security of your infrastructure
  • Access to advanced, customisable cyber security platform
  • Automatic correlation of security alerts across end-point, network and cloud infrastructure
  • Automatic comparison of detected events against a global, constantly evolving threat database to reduce false positive
  • Highlights abnormal behaviour such as unusual Internet Of Things (IOT) device activity
  • Presentation of the timing and chain of events that generated a security breach

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Fully-Managed Threat Detection and Response Service

Keeping on top of Cyber security is a full-time job.  You know it’s essential, but if Cyber isn’t in your company’s core capabilities, then it can be a distraction and a drain on your staff.  Let Net Consulting focus on your security so that you can focus on your business.

We’ll help you configure and deploy the necessary data collection across your users, networks and cloud environments, then our Service Operations Centre (SOC) can get to work understanding the normal activities of your applications and data.  The AI-driven Cortex threat detection platform helps highlight abnormalities and potential issues for our analysts investigate, informing you of anything suspicious.  The more we get to know your working patterns, the more we can tune the alerting to focus on what’s most relevant to you.  So, if your Internet-enabled fridge suddenly starts beaconing out to an address it’s never been to before, for example, we’ll spot it.

Because Cyber security never stays still, our dedicated Cyber team constantly checks for emerging threats and configures the platform to look out for them.  Combine this research with active threat-hunting, and the chances of a breach are greatly reduced. Threat detection is critical, but we can go further and provide an effective response, isolating a compromised end-user or setting firewalls to block access to the newly identified source of malware or “Command & Control” type reconnaissance server.

Benefits of Fully-Managed Threat Detection and Response

  • Lets you focus on your business while we handle your security
  • Dedicated security analysts monitoring your data, backed by machine learning
  • Proactive threat hunting to uncover subtle attacks sooner
  • Dedicated team continually updating threat identification criteria to keep your detection and protection up to date
  • Co-ordinated threat analysis across end-point, network and cloud infrastructure
  • Informs you with a chain of affected users & systems as soon as any suspicious activity has been investigated and verified
  • Customisable detection criteria to focus on any specific areas of interest
  • Threat response capability to isolate users or block access to relevant external servers providing malware upon detection of a compromised device
  • Monthly Cyber summary report to present at C-level meetings
  • Staged deployment from any starting point, moving from passive detection to full managed response with choice of service features

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On-Demand Platform Analysis and Configuration Support

Even if you have your own internally-managed Cortex platform, you may still need some additional help covering busy periods, or building custom configuration.  Net Consulting can help by providing on-demand support to overcome the bottleneck.

If you need some additional help to keep an eye on your Cortex platform while your staff are busy on high priority projects, then provide our Service Operations Centre (SOC) temporary access and we’ll monitor it on your behalf.

Similarly, if you need some customisation to detect specific occurrences or general behaviours, or need an automated response activity creating, our analysts can be assigned the project on your behalf.  We’ll test it in our own environment, then document and hand over the results. If you are expanding your Cortex coverage to end-point or cloud protection, we can help onboard the data to enhance your detection capabilities.

  • Temporarily enhance your SOC with ours to cover periods of high-demand on your technical staff
  • Outsource specific detection and response rule creation to a specialist team to keep up to date with emerging threats or look for specific occurrences
  • Ease the deployment of additional telemetry data sources into your Cortex platform to enhance your Cyber security posture
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