Security Monitoring.

Security Monitoring.

By automatically producing precise models that analyse huge amounts of data, organisations have a much greater chance of apprehending threats early. According to well known analytics academic and senior advisor to Deloitte’s analytics and cognitive practise, Thomas H Davenport, a person can produce perhaps two good models a week, while machine-learning can produce thousands.

Machine learning systems do the heavy lifting when detecting potentially malicious activity by analysing the vast amounts of data across an organisation’s hybrid network, and using AI to profile these threats.

The fastest growing crime in the world is cyber-crime, and it’s a vicious circle. The threat of cyber crime increases as technologies, designed to make our lives easier and more efficient, evolve and enhance.

Attacks are becoming more complex and subtle, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to correlate outwardly unimportant events across endpoints and networks to identify malicious activity. This means potential attacks are sometimes not noticed for extended periods; and as we know, the longer it takes to notice an attack, the bigger the impact on the business.

Humans are too slow

In a nutshell, the issue is that humans and conventional systems aren’t quick enough, or sophisticated enough to detect complex threats that are hidden amongst huge amounts of information.

Using rapid automated investigation, AI powered security systems highlight suspicious behaviour and monitor correlating events, alerting IT teams to investigate further. According to Palo Alto, by integrating data from multiple sources, a team can view the root cause of alerts from any source, “accelerating investigations by 88%.”

If criminal activity was occurring in your network, would you know? Monitoring network traffic is the first step of detecting malicious activity happening in your network.

You cannot secure what you cannot see. Without having any visibility in to your network and it’s activity, you leave yourself extremely vulnerable. Cyber criminals, malware, ransomware or even insider threats could be acting maliciously and you wouldn’t know. Visibility is key to securing your IT estate.

Do you want to ensure internal policies are being followed? Or that legal and regulatory standards are being met? Security Monitoring provides a complete picture of each alert, stitching together disparate event data to reveal root cause and event timelines for analyst triage. 

Organisations are at constant risk.

A cyber criminal only needs to be effective once for the damage to be done. Hackers are always looking for that one unguarded route into a company’s network. Once they gain access, they could have access to any data, information or intellectual property they want.

If this happens, investigation and remediation costs can skyrocket and the knock-on affect following this impact on a company’s reputation can be felt for years to come. This service helps companies gain visibility and detect malicious activity early.

Effectively keeping abreast of every cyber risk that’s out there is something that no person, or even a team of people will ever be able to keep up with, and so in order to protect a company from attack, A.I has to come into play. This is how:

This service is suitable for any company that wants to understand what activity is taking place on their network, identify suspicious behaviours and monitor seemingly unconnected events that could be complex and subtle malicious cyber activity.

This service provides a brilliant starting point to understand your network activity, provide visibility and monitor 24/7 without the more advanced remediation and automation that comes with our Managed Detection and Response Service.

If you don’t plan on investing in the in-house technology, skill set and personnel to monitor your network around the clock then handing over this responsibility to our team of experienced analysts who sit behind the wheel of market-leading cybersecurity technologies makes a lot of sense.

  • One of only 7 Palo Alto MDR Partners in EMEA
  • Years of experience working with medium-large organisations, in the most complex and challenging environments at home and abroad
  • UK sovereign SOC
  • Trusted by MoD for over ten years
  • UK Government security clearance consultants
  • List X facility

Net Consulting has spent over 10 years protecting networks, applications and their users, ensuring they can work securely and safely.

We understand the changing threat landscape and stay at the forefront of cyber innovation to maintain a secure posture. We are here to help you.

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