Elevate your security posture to new heights with our cutting-edge solution that simplifies your network and supercharges performance, while fortifying security. Seamlessly merge your network traffic and cloud security frameworks to effortlessly clarify and streamline your network operations.

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Secure Access with Branch and Cloud Security.

We take pride in delivering a seamless experience for our clients. We handle the implementation and transition of Secure Access Cloud technologies, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing architectures and services, including WANs, identity providers, SaaS apps, and multi-cloud solutions. Our dedicated Professional Service team members are here to support you every step of the way. We’ll schedule engagements to address your requests, promptly respond to incidents, perform necessary maintenance, and conduct any required one-off activities. Your network and cloud security success is our top priority.


Service Architecture.

Sitting at the Activate and Managed levels, our secure application, branch and cloud access services are based on the following components: 

  • WAN links
  • Software agents deployed to devices
  • Integration with customers ID providers and networks
  • Cloud technologies and frameworks (ZTNA, cloud based virtual appliances, FWaaS, SWG, CASB)


Our Secure Application, Branch and Cloud Access Services.

We understand the critical needs of enterprises looking to streamline user application access, manage network traffic efficiently, and enhance security frameworks within a unified, secure platform. Our goal is to provide you with a central, secure solution for managing your business services.

Our platform empowers you with complete control over branch network access, as well as the ability to deliver SaaS or on-premise applications to users, regardless of their location. The best part is that you won’t have to grapple with the complexities of configuring multiple firewalls and network components.

We take pride in our ability to scope, design, and implement Secure Access technologies seamlessly. We integrate these solutions with your existing architectures and services, whether it’s for your branch offices, identity providers, or on-premise and SaaS applications. Rest assured, we’re committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that your solution is configured in alignment with your specific business requirements. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Collate customer requirements and business drivers
  • Scope and implement the solution
  • Provide a baseline configuration
  • Test the solution
  • Handover to customer staff
  • Check-in at set intervals to make sure you’re making the most of the solution

Experiencing inefficient business service management? Look no further. Our platform seamlessly converges user application access, network traffic management, and security frameworks into a centralised secure platform for you to achieve your optimal productivity.

Empowering you with comprehensive control to effortlessly deliver branch network access, SaaS or on-premise applications to users, no matter where they are in the world. Say goodbye to suffering the headache of configuring multiple complex network components. Start supercharging your resources by shifting the scrutiny of bandwidth, firewall, and intrusion prevention systems to a private cloud instance. We pride ourselves on slashing costs and elevating efficiency.

We scope, design and implement Secure Access technologies tailored to your needs. Whether it’s your branch offices, identity providers, or on-premise and SaaS apps, we integrate everything seamlessly with your architecture and services.

Once it’s all set up, NCL takes the helm, maintaining your system and keeping it updated in harmony with your evolving business requirements. We’re not just a point-solution; we’re your trusted advisor, ensuring that our service continues to provide you with everything you need.

  • Collate customer requirements and business drivers
  • Scope and implement the solution
  • Provide a baseline configuration
  • Test the solution
  • Perform planned configuration moves/ adds/ changes to reflect user-to-application mapping and control
  • Produce a quarterly report on activity and suggest potential improvements
  • Update software on an agreed, planned basis
  • Undertake specific, separately costed, projects to address emerging business requirements


Service Value Tailored to your needs.


Optional Add-ons.

Additional call-off time for project or ongoing implementation is possible for the following:

    • In-cloud next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities
    • In-cloud intrusion detection
    • In-cloud intrusion prevention
    • Network enhancement/ rationalisation
    • NCL PS Team engagement for any other work activity


Speak with one of the team.

We’re happy to discuss your specific situation, understand your challenges and advise on the best ways of elevating your branch and cloud security posture. Maximising your business value starts with the click of a button.

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