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With Ransomware reports increasing by 715.08% YoY in 2020 (Bitdefender 2021), this alarming aspect of cyber crime simply can’t be ignored. Spurred on by the vulnerabilities caused by the pandemic and a rapid shift to remote working, criminals are pulling out all the stops to take advantage of organisations with frail cyber security postures for their own financial gain.

The question is, are you ready, should hackers set their sights on you?

In this e-book we help you take the first step by highlighting some of the very latest ransomware trends.

Download this report and discover:

  • How hackers could be exploiting your supply chain
  • The fact that critical infrastructure is a prime target for ransomware
  • Four of the most high-profile criminal groups, acting in recent years
  • The intrinsic link between phishing and ransomware
  • The risk of IoT and the plethora of unmanaged devices in an average organisation
  • The rise of ‘Ransomware-as-a-Service’ (RaaS)