In an increasingly distributed and complex digital landscape, the significance of networks is rapidly increasing. Our Network Observability ‘Activate’ and ‘Managed’ services provide comprehensive network performance monitoring across hybrid networks. This enables prompt identification and resolution of performance-related challenges.

Regardless of whether the customer’s infrastructure is in the cloud, virtual environments or on-premises, this solution provides end-to-end visibility to help tackle network-based issues. 

We can support customers to objectively measure end-to-end network performance, identify bottlenecks within their environment and identify changes in behaviour. 

network performance monitoring

Enhancing Your Network Performance Monitoring.

To enhance digital performance, our team of experts will proactively identify and investigate shifts in network behaviour, troubleshoot issues and recommend fixes. We will develop tailored network visualisations based on the customer’s needs and validate the impact of IT changes to ensure users always remain productive.

We can support customers with objective end-to-end network performance monitoring, designed to identify bottlenecks within their environment and reveal changes in behaviour.


Service Architecture.

Our Network Observability service can be based on the following network performance monitoring components: 

  • Remote Network Packet Sources or Netflow  
  • Application/Network Performance Monitoring Device 
  • Netflow Collector 


Use Cases and Value.

Identify root cause of network issues to reduce downtime and minimise impact on business operations.

Ensure networks can handle current and future demands of users, to drive improved digital experience and mitigate performance issues.

Automatically track network performance and refocus IT teams on optimising their services.


What’s Included? Activate vs Managed.


Optional Add-ons.

  • Validate the impact of IT changes 
  • Support Problem Case investigation and resolution 
  • Technology software updates 
  • Customised monitoring of additional applications 
  • Integrate data into centralised visualisation tools 
  • Performance validation before-and-after releases in non-production environments 
  • Enhanced monitoring of VoIP or database performance  
  • Service Desk Integration 


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We can help you deploy a network performance monitoring service to understand your end-user activities and challenges. In addition to out-of-the-box applications, we can customise the solution to track specific application transactions for a more granular measure of critical staff activities.

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