We understand that exploiting API interfaces with service integration and management techniques, is a sure-fire way to unleash the potential of your existing workforce, removing the need to continuously recruit by working smarter, not harder. The modern IT environment is continuously blurring the lines between traditional IT silos and application services. The rise of the API’s has provided organisations with a flexible and secure mechanism to seamlessly share data and automatically complete business functions across Enterprise Applications.

service integration and management

Future-Proofing Your IT Service Integration and Management.

​Our Digital Integration Service is a key component of your future IT Service Management and future success. We provide service integration and management solutions to help organisations link their systems, processes, and customer experience, driving business success and outcomes across all Enterprise Applications.  


Service Architecture.

​​Service integration and management is based on the following components: 

  • Service Desk – Fully configurable platform that provides an intuitive interface for your operators to undertake Incident, Problem, Change, knowledge, service level management and service request activities
  • Automated Workflows – Remove repetitive, high-volume tasks to allow your workforce to focus on improving service delivery through workflow automations and integrations
  • Integrations – Extends the functionality of your Service Desk into the wider organisation to support process efficiencies and service improvements allowing you to optimise your IT investments


Use Cases and Value.

​Increased ROI through for all IT investment, integration will allow your organisation to fully exploit the API data sharing service capabilities of modern IT capabilities to remove high volume lengthy time-consuming tasks. 

​More productive workforce, allowing your service desk agents, analysts and support teams to focus on improving the services offered to end users.

​Integrate service management on a single platform to bridge silos, improve time to resolution, reduce costs, and improve visibility.

​Optimised integration with supply chains, customers and vendors.

​Eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes, and drive service efficiency using no-code workflows and powerful automations.

​Removes errors from routine tasks, by letting the integrations move your data between business applications.

​Simplify SIAM and Service Desk integrations using pre-built integration industry approved connectors.

​Improving information sharing with legacy and bespoke integrations using custom integrations that can ingest data through database, web hook, flat file etc. integrations. 


Optional Add-ons.

​​We can provide the following service integration and management activities as fully managed IT services, or as discrete work packages: 

  • ​Workflow development to extend Service Desk functionality  
  • ​Process automation and orchestration 
  • ​Process optimisation 
  • ​Consultancy 
  • ​Data standards 
  • ​SIAM integration 
  • ​Standard marketplace integrations with market leading vendors 
  • ​Custom integrations to support legacy and bespoke applications 

​Integrations are licensed on the number of orchestrated workflows, our ITSM consultants can work with you to ensure that your license consumption is optimised to meet your organisational needs.


Speak with one of the team.

You may know exactly what you want from a service integration and management point of view, however you may be struggling to identify exactly which aspect of this broad subject suits your business best. Either way, we have a member of the team ready to discuss the options with you and how they could be implemented across your business.

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