​The holy grail in IT Service Management is the Enterprise CMDB and our IT infrastructure management services can help achieve it. IT Operations and Delivery Teams need to know the scope of the services they’re supporting and Security Teams need to understand the assets they are assuring. In both cases, they need to know the relationships between assets, software versions, hardware versions etc. – the only difference is the use cases that apply to the data.

​Achieving this outcome can often seem like an impossible task, with teams spending more time discussing the challenges and their use cases. The secret to achieving this seemingly impossible task is the integration of the right tools to optimise your CMDB creation and maintenance. 

it infrastructure management services

IT infrastructure management services provide deep visibility into your organisation in a matter of hours.

​We’re able to rapidly deploy automated discovery tools into your organisation that will drive value in hours. Our IT infrastructure management services, in this case, the ‘Managed Discovery’ service, will automatically discover your on-premise and cloud assets using agentless discovery, to create an accurate picture of your Enterprise assets (including hardware and software) and the dependencies between these assets.

The rich data collected through Net Consulting’s Managed Discovery Service can be fully integrated with your existing CMDB’s where additional context (locations, building, rack etc.) can be added to enhance the efficacy of the data.


Service Architecture.

​Managed Asset Discovery is based on the following IT infrastructure management services components: 

  • Centralised Discovery – Central repository for all discovered assets, relationships and service models. The Centralised Discovery component is able to conduct targeted scans of Cloud architectures, and control / process scans conducted by Localised Discovery components. All data captured can be exported to your central Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Localised Discovery – A virtual appliance installed behind your organisations firewalls that conducts targeted scans of your infrastructure to discover assets and their relationships. All data collected by Localised Discovery is forwarded to your Centralised Discovery
  • Windows Discovery Service – Software agent installed on one of your existing Windows servers, the agent interfaces with the Localised Discovery to collect asset data from all Windows servers and workstations / desktops


Use Cases and Value.

​Agentless discovery of all assets connected to physical, cloud and virtual environments. 

​Enhanced operational and security visibility of all assets, software / hardware versions, patch version and application dependencies.

​Improved software license compliance tracking through automated detection and reporting of all installed software.

Rapid return on investment, the capability can be integrated at pace and deliver business value within a few hours to drive true business value to prevent the need for inefficient manual audits & updates.

​Optimises Service Desk operation through identification of critical assets, and linking them to incidents, requests, problems, changes, or projects at the click of a button.

​Streamlined asset lifecycle through automated detection and reporting of end-of-life and end-of-sale assets.

​Reduction in meantime to detect through service models that capture key applications, servers, network devices and the relationships that underpin service delivery, allowing Incidents and problems to be quickly triaged against critical service components.

Reduce unplanned service outage risks by detecting co-dependent service components, thereby ensuring the impact of changes are fully understood and automatically alerted.

​Automated CMDB synchronisation that can be updated daily, preventing stale data from impacting the efficiency of your Service Desk and support teams.


Optional Add-ons.

​​We can provide the following IT infrastructure management services as a fully managed service, or as discrete work packages: 

  • ​Implementation (covering on-premise and cloud discovery) 
  • ​Scheduled and ad-hoc discoveries 
  • ​One-off or monthly (Managed Service) discovery release updates 
  • ​Drift reporting, to identify assets that are appearing and disappearing 
  • ​Continual refinement of discoveries 
  • ​Standard and custom reporting for asset management, hardware versions, software versions, software license management, vulnerability management, end-of-life, end-of-sale etc. 
  • ​Creation of service models  
  • ​Service model refinement 
  • ​CMDB integration 
  • ​Custom device discoveries 
  • ​Discovery enrichment 
  • ​Training and handover 

​Discovery is licensed on the number of end-points, our Discovery consultants can work with you to ensure that your license model is optimised to meet your organisational needs.  


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