Cyber Asset Discovery.

Cyber Asset Discovery.

Your company is likely to be made up of thousands of digital assets – each one a potential ingress path for cybercrime if not secured correctly.  Do you know how many you have in your organisation? How confident are you that they’re all secure? Any uncertainty around this could expose your business to non-compliance and threats of cyberattacks.

The majority of enterprises struggle to gain an accurate and complete view of their digital assets. It’s a mammoth task getting a firm grasp of everything from on-premises to remote, from physical devices to virtual machines and cloud, from managed to unmanaged Internet of Things (IoT) devices and industrial control systems (ICS/SCADA) and more.

It’s a fast, agentless and low impact solution designed to give you visibility and insight across all connected assets.

The tool integrates directly with your current infrastructure and can be up and running in just minutes, allowing you to:      

  • Discover all your assets and other devices on your networks
  • Identify gaps, vulnerable areas & risks
  • Enable automation & enforcement of security policies

“A Cyber Team’s main tasks are to determine which information assets are priorities for protection, how likely it is that they will be attacked, and how to protect them.”

McKinsey & Co.



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Speak to a consultant.

This service has the benefits of our Managed Endpoint Protection service but is enhanced with bespoke audit, detect and response capabilities ensuring your most critical business assets and data has the ptimum level of security.

Our security consultants will identify and help to implement secure device configurations for users and data. Activities include:

  • Verification of security hardening of user endpoint devices.
  • Enhanced white-listing of applications and services based on user profile/geo-location.
  • Heightened policy enforcement.
  • Drive encryption enforcement/validation.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Notification of critical patches for operating systems and key software configured on devices.
  • Custom audit, detect and response rules.

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