Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd – BlueArmour

Sigma 3's IT and Systems Director asked Net Consulting to review his company's cyber security posture.

Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd – BlueArmour


Business and IT Director at Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd, Tim Larcombe, wanted to protect his company against cyber-attack. He needed a complete overview of the network that runs operations, with vulnerabilities highlighted and prioritised, and training for his staff to teach them how to spot malicious threats. By engaging Net Consulting to deploy the BlueArmour service and deliver cyber security training, Tim found the peace of mind he was looking for.


Tim had no comprehensive overview of the network, or where potential vulnerabilities could lie. He knew that an attack on the network could have devastating effects on business output, and needed some reassurance. Despite only having a small budget, he wanted advanced, in-depth infrastructure analysis and a training programme for his staff so they would know how to be vigilant against cyber threats.


Net Consulting deployed BlueArmour on Sigma 3’s network, delivering a report on a custom-built portal page. The page includes a “risk indicator” score to track security posture over time, as each assessment is completed. These reports prioritise the most vulnerable areas first from the Internet inwards, so there is an actionable, specific list of what to remediate, rather than a large list of everything that could potentially require attention.

Armed with a regular BlueArmour report, Sigma 3 can keep its infrastructure patched where it matters most, greatly reducing the company’s vulnerability and risk of network breach.

In addition to understanding the network's strength, Tim wanted to train all employees at the company to look out for threats. Most network breaches are caused by human error. It’s imperative that companies teach their employees how to spot malicious links or email attachments, and what to do if they find one. Net Consulting offers cyber awareness training delivered as a series of 10 modules on topics such as ransomware and email security. Knowing that his staff are well trained, Tim feels more at ease.

How it works

Net Consulting developed BlueArmour as a means of providing high-end infrastructure risk analysis capability without having to employ specialist staff or purchase expensive tooling.

Deploying BlueArmour involves installing a virtual collection server onto a company’s infrastructure, which then performs a discovery of network and server devices. Data is then gathered from these devices before being securely exported to Net Consulting’s cloud platform.

Cyber specialists import this information into state of the art risk-assessment tooling to model the network and identify possible routes in.

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  • Full analysis of the network and identification of critical points of weakness
  • Risks prioritised to show most vulnerable areas of the network first
  • Complete network overview, providing peace of mind
  • Staff trained across the company to reduce the risk of inviting unwanted guests into the network

“Net Consulting laid it all out so simply: this is what we’re going to do, this is what you’ll get out of it, and this is what you’ll be able to determine from the results.”

– Tim Larcombe, IT and Systems Director, Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd


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