22nd May 2017

Net Consulting: G-Cloud 9

The Crown Commercial Service has announced that Net Consulting has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 9, the most recent iteration of the G-Cloud framework. This now means that Net Consulting has 12 standardised offerings available on the Digital Marketplace.

The Digital Marketplace allows UK public sector bodies to procure from a broad range of flexible and agile services.

Achieving a place on G-Cloud 9 is a reflection of Net Consulting’s established track record and on-going work in supporting Public Sector organisations.


Available service offerings can be accessed and purchased via the Digital Marketplace online:

   1) Application Performance Management: Provides the resources and technical capability required for critical application performance monitoring, alerting, trending, analysis and troubleshooting.


   2) Application Performance Modelling: Models the impact of application behaviour across different networks and varying usage levels, and understands network capacity requirements.


   3) Application Performance Monitoring: Monitors the definitive measure of application performance - end-user experience.


   4) Application Performance Troubleshooting: Deploys specialist troubleshooting tools, alongside expert analytical skills, to pinpoint the reasons for degrading application performance.


   5) BlueArmour Cyber Security Risk Assessment Service: Repels cyber-attacks by creating a functioning model of your network, tests it to identify security risks, and determines your security priorities.


   6) Cloud Accelerator Service: Accelerates the performance and delivery of your business-critical Cloud applications.


  7) Cloud Browser Metric Monitoring: Gathers detailed web page performance statistics for end-users, presented either as an on-demand SaaS-based service, or as an on-site private Cloud solution.


   8) Cloud Projected Infrastructure: Removes the need for IT support staff in small branch offices by making your key services available via a private secure Cloud.


   9) Cloud Readiness Assessment: De-risks the transition of shared services to the Cloud with application performance, end-user experience prediction, and capacity analysis.


   10) Network Capacity and Scenario Planning: Models the intended network infrastructure design to validate Cyber Resilience and predict traffic growth.


   11) Network Security Risk Management: Visualises your Cloud network, identifies security gaps, and reduces the risks of cyber-attacks.


  12) Vulnerability Assessment Service: Prevents network attacks by identifying the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network.

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